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Empower2Make Sponsors


Home of the Community

Nova Labs has been offering training, equipment, and inspiration to the Reston, Virginia community since 2012. Their 300 members and over 5000 regular attendants are what make the facility a nexus of innovation and creativity. 


Champion of the Cause

The Empower2Make effort has been made possible with the strong leadership of our primary sponsor. We are grateful for the generous support of Google, who has seen the value of using distributed innovation to change the world. 

Leadership Team


Bo Pollett Wernick

Mr. Wernick has been a member of Nova Labs for 4 years, where he volunteers as an events coordinator, teaches classes, and runs his personal business, Theta Composites. He has an engineering background and a passion for innovaiton. 


Fred Briggs

Mr. Briggs is an innovator and entrepreneur who develops new technologies for global organizations. His support of the Empower2Make program has been instrumental in bringing this program to life. 


Jennyfer Peterson

Ms. Peterson is the program director and cornerstone of Nova Labs. Her tireless volunteer efforts to support the space and the maker community have made much of growth of Nova Labs possible. 

Patrick Thompson


Mike Hogarty


Connor Bacon


Callye Keen


Jade Garrett