The Big Event
to Apr 14

The Big Event

Friday (Schedule TBD)

  • 6:00pm EST: We will start off with a meet and greet followed by some guest speakers, and show-and-tell from our last big event.

  • 7:00pm EST: We will start planning our project timelines.

  • 7:30pm EST: Dinner.

  • 8:00pm EST: Team discussions with coordinators (PiNG #1) to ensure scope and budgets are on point.

  • 8:30pm EST: The real making begins. The marathon is underway and your team is picking up steam.

  • 11:00pm EST: PiNG #2.

  • Midnight EST: Midnight snack to push through into the wee hours.


Saturday (Schedule TBD)

  • 8:00am EST: Breakfast.

  • 9:00am EST: PiNG #3

  • 10:30am EST: Field Trip! We will take Makers and Knowers to Home Depot to pick up materials and get ideas as to how they can best build their projects with the materials available.

  • Noon EST: Lunch and videos of past projects.

  • 1:30pm EST: PiNG #4

  • 5:00pm EST: Stretch our legs and get some fresh air. We will play some outdoor games and to clear our heads and refresh.

  • 6:00pm EST: Outdoor BBQ

  • 7:00pm EST: Back into action. We will discuss final presentations and documenting our projects

  • 8:00pm EST: PiNG #5


Sunday (Schedule TBD)

  • 8:00am EST: Breakfast.

  • 8:30am EST: PiNG #6. Final chance to add finishing touches to products, presentations, and documentation.

  • 10:00am EST: Presentations begin - Open to the public, RSVP

  • Noon EST: Awards and closing ceremony

  • 1:00pm EST: Time to head home and get some much needed rest. You have done something amazing. Take some time to let it sink in, and be sure to post your accomplishments to inspire others.


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1:00 PM13:00


  • 1:00pm EST: Food, Drink, and Friends. Let's all get to know each other and discuss our passion for making.

  • 2:00pm EST: Presentations from the leaders and champions of the maker movement.

  • 3:00pm EST: Snack break and tour of the space. Stretch your legs and you minds as we get ready to dive into the making.

  • 3:30pm EST: Presentations from the Knowers about their challenges, and their ideas that can change lives

  • 5:00pm EST: Team selection and assignment. Once formed, your teams will be an unstoppable force for good in this world. Take as long as you need to talk out your ideas, set up communication channels, and start brainstorming your solutions.

  • 6:00pm EST: Dinner.

  • 6:30pm EST: Meetings with the Team coordinators. This is where you will meet you expert maker who will guide you as you plan you strategy for the next 2 weeks.

  • 7:00pm EST: The food and drink will keep flowing as you continue. You are welcome to wrap up for the day, or stay as long as you like, but pace yourselves, the real work is still ahead.

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Launch Party
7:00 PM19:00

Launch Party

We will host a fun-for-all ages launch party at Nova Labs to promote the event and give the participants an opportunity to visit the space and get to know the Nova Lab community. 

Bring your creativity and apetite. Food and drinks provided. RSVP requested. 

RSVP here today!  RSVP LINK


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